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Title: sections are a headache
Post by: jjong40 on January 25, 2012, 05:50:30 am
If i enter a new field in a resume form and I choose section3 The new field always is on top... If its al long list of existing fields it is a hell of a job to move the field with the up and down arrows. Is it possible to let it fit in automaticly after the last entered field?
I found an item in the knowledge base that tells how to put an extra section in the PHP
Only one problem that item does not tell where to add (witch PHP file)

After adding this section, you can modify your templates by adding the following PHP statement:

$DynamicForm->display_form_section($mode, 5, $admin);

This will display the section 5 of the form. Please ensure that your PHP statement is enclosed inside the php delimiters, <?php and ?>

Anybody knows  in what PHP file I have to add the above code? (and directionary)
I already modified the include/dynamic_forms.php

thanx in advance