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Title: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on November 27, 2009, 10:41:25 am
I'm going to post in this thread about the status of development of the next version.
Since stating development on it this year in May, there has been significant changes to the code.
I was planning to release in September, but decided to delay it because I have started to re-organize some code and I think it is better to complete the code-reorganization (refactoring) as much as possible, so that it will be better for the future.
The main tasks of includes moving the remainder of the HTML code present in some files in to the themes tier. Also, removing some of the database / logic code from the template layer and moving it in to the core code files where they belong. Much of the code was moved in to classes, and a lot of redundant code was eliminated, paving the way for some optimizations or more flexibility with extending the code in the future.
Other improvements include a driver based cache system and improved file archiving system which should make the job board more scalable.

List of Changes so far

- Dropped support for Image Magick in favor of the GD Library
- Ensure that correct headers are sent when clicking a link to download a file
- Added new variables to the newsletter
- XML Sitemaps: Change so it exports only the job categories
- Email: Attached filenames converted to UTF-8
- Performance: Replaced the old cache system with a new driver-based cache
system. The new cache system has drivers for Files, Memcached, eAccelerator and
APC caching systems. Enhanced all parts of the code to make use of the new
- Employer's Resume List: Ability to save resumes, added a 'Saved Resumes' page
to the Employer's section (see include/themes/CHANGES.txt for details
about how to update your employer-menu.php template)
- Admin->List Resumes: Ability to approve / disapprove multiple resumes at a time
- Job Post Manager: Multiple jobs can be selected and deleted at once
- Search Form: When File, Image or YouTube fields are placed on the search
form then a checkbox will provide a way to return records which have these
fields filled
- Admin->Subscription Plans: Cannot delete a subscription plan which has active
- Admin->Membership Plans: Cannot delete a membership plan which has active
- Resume Alerts: Added %RESUME_DB_LINK% so that employers can click on a
resume link directly.
- Fixed a bug in the URL Shortening feature
- Authorize.net: Re-worked the configuration options. If you are using
Authorize.net, please see Admin->Payment modules for the new settings!
- FCKEditor update to v2.6.5
- Admin->XML Help: Updated
- Admin->Memberships: Fixed pop-up when clicking on invoice
- Admin->List Post: Fixed when clicking on some buttons and no posts were selected
- SSL Advice adjusted
- XML Imports: Check the header to verify encoding is supported & other
minor fixes
- Currencies: Fixed to just return amount if 'To Currency' and 'From Amount'
are equal.
- Admin: Removed tabs form Edit Config, Edit Categories, Edit Codes, and others
- Admin->Edit Categories: Added little folder icons next to category names,
added a link for sub-categories.
- Removed include/email.inc.php
- Mail Monitor: Option to delete email from inbox older than x days
- NOCHEX: Fix order completion bug
- Code Re-organization: New JBDynamicForm.php and JBDynamicSearchForm.php
classes, eliminating some global variables. New classes/ folder, new js/ folder
- Admin->Languages: Does not let the user to disable all languages, ensures at
least 1 language is kept default
- Subscriptions: Deduct credits fix when subscription was enabled
- XML Export: Attributes now support variables such as %RECORD_ID%
and %USER_ID%
- Admin->Main Config: Option for sending a copy of the signup email to Admin
- Admin->List Candidates: Non-approved candidates are on a separate list
- Admin->List Queue: Fixed 'Resend' link
- PayPal Module: Fix problem with cURL
- Renamed JB_xss_scrub() to JB_scrub_input()

I have a few more things on the list which I want to close, and I'll keep you updated as they are closed. Stay tuned...

Title: Re: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on December 01, 2009, 01:45:39 pm
Today's Update:

Fixed an obscure bug with Membership fields on the employer's profile form. The bug caused the employer name to be revealed in the title of the page and also on the heading, even if the fields was members only. Most of you should not worry about this bug, since the membership fields feature is seldom used.

Nerveless, this bug was fixed in an interesting way - a new set of classes were added to the job board which make sure to load the appropriate data from the database and keep it in an object, depending on the Use Case. (A use case can be for example: 'search jobs', 'display post', 'display category', etc.). Data held by these objects can be then used in templates and other parts of the system. Several operations can be performed on the data through a common interface, including displaying it through a template or getting the URL of where the data is to be displayed. I really like the way it abstracts the data and loads it in one place, I think it will be very useful in the future for plugin development and also some things I have planned for the future (but not for the next release). Stay tuned with more updates to come...

Title: Re: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on December 09, 2009, 01:10:20 am
Today's Update:

Currently going through the themes system and validating all the templates to ensure that they all validate. Also making some changes that will make templates even more modular and future proof. Finding and squashing some bugs along the way.

Next is to add an %INVOICE% tag feature to the order completion emails. Then begin profiling some of the SQL queries and make sure that the new cache system is working correctly in a real environment. After the profiling, should be ready to release a beta!

Title: Re: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on December 15, 2009, 03:13:40 am
Today's update:

Last few days, work was continuing to template-ize the listing of posting plans, subscription plans, order histories and other types of lists. Again, a lot of the code was refactored, polished and commented. Although these changes do not bring any new features, I feel that it is best to to these changes now, as early as possible and as much as possible. One benefit these changes will bring is that it will be possible to subclass and override some the templates using plugins! Also finding and squashing bugs along the way.

There is still some work to do in this area, but the work has been progressing nicely! Please stay tuned for more updates....

Title: Re: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on December 23, 2009, 01:25:04 am
Today's Update

A little health problem halted some progress this week, but now fine. Also it is getting close to year's end festivities, so things are getting hectic. Therefore SQL profiling had been placed on hold. However, I completed work on re-coding Order History for memberships, subscriptions and posting plans... Also I completed a re-code of the request history. With the new code, it will be possible for a plugin to sub-class and extend / override one of the template classes that is used to generate the markup for the list - allowing more possibilities for plugins.

Wishing you Season's Greetings / Happy New Year!


Title: Re: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on February 10, 2010, 12:04:23 am
Hi all. I want to let you know that I've been committed to this project as ever and developing 3.6 is on-going task and a top priority. I am adding one more feature before getting ready for testing, so the release date was pushed back again. This will be the last development in 3.6 and I have put a freeze to any more features. I hope to get the beta out in the middle of March or sooner. Thanks for your patience.

Title: Re: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on March 08, 2010, 02:55:47 pm
Planning to release 3.6 beta Monday, 15th March! Currently testing on a live site...

Title: Re: Development of 3.6
Post by: Adam on March 15, 2010, 05:22:20 pm
3.6 beta can be downloaded for testing now http://forum.jamit.com/index.php?topic=324.0