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 on: March 09, 2017, 11:11:12 am 
Started by jaffri - Last post by szabcsee

We are a web developer company and would like to jump in the project.
We've been for quite a long time in the forum, owners of lingojob.com. We even extended it with some features, like JobG8 integration.

We can develop the new version of the platform.

At the moment lets see who is interested and how many want to participate and invest in the idea.

What do you think?

 on: January 31, 2016, 05:10:58 pm 
Started by jaffri - Last post by jaffri
Hello folks. We all loved Jamit and would love to see its revival. Its sad that its founder abandoned it, and we hope and pray that he is doing well in whatever he is doing.

I want to build Jamit 5.0. That would, at the very minimum aim to:
- Update the PHP functions so that it is compatible with the latest PHP version.
- Fix the most major bugs
- A default theme that is responsive.
Plus any other issues that others would identify.

I am looking for collaborators who can either contribute in terms of programming, or cost since I am not a programmer myself, but need Jamit fixed for my website. And I know that the same fix will be of benefit to many others.

 on: April 07, 2015, 10:57:27 am 
Started by denbec - Last post by Imran
Hi jobraj can you share your website to me via pm or email. Also can you explain how you managed to redirect it using php file to sjb board. Please

 on: April 06, 2015, 07:54:51 am 
Started by jobraj - Last post by Imran
I would like to know how you are ging to improve sjb performance through plugins or optimising template or by chaching sql queries and php code/opcode?
Do let us know, I'm still using Jamit on 5.4 and worried of about important more than 435,000+ users and some 40k jobs out of which only 2k are active but other also ring some traffic to website.
and how to redirect old urls to new ssjb urls.

 on: April 01, 2015, 03:01:16 pm 
Started by jobraj - Last post by CompuDave
I have been using SJB for about 2 years now. It is a decent platform but, like you said, it is very slow.

Do you mind sharing a link to your site so I can see what you have done?

Mine is www.compujobs.co.za.


 on: March 18, 2015, 01:34:06 am 
Started by jobraj - Last post by jobraj
Hi - I am trying to create this thread for group of people who migrated from Jamit to SJB. Please share your experience so it helps every one.

My Experience:
It took about 1-2 years to plan and migrated the platform to SJB. In general it is a good alternative platform. However, it terms of performance it is slow compared to JAMIT. We are trying to analyze the reasons and fix this. I will post my experience after this is done.

Also, I found a wonderful developer who helped me in this process, If you looking for one. Please do let me know

 on: March 18, 2015, 01:08:07 am 
Started by denbec - Last post by jobraj
We recently migrated to SJB - we wrote a custom php file to handle redirects from Jamit Jobs to SJB jobs and other pages.

We are noticing performance issues with SJB - Did anyone who moved to SJB are having same issues ?

 on: September 11, 2014, 04:02:43 am 
Started by denbec - Last post by Imran
Though I have purchased and installed SJB but I'm reluctant to move, can you post your experience and how did you go about moving to SJB?
What steps you took to take of traffic and search rankings and 404 that result from migration?
It will be great help if you could answer this question.

 on: July 16, 2014, 12:49:21 pm 
Started by denbec - Last post by CompuDave
Yes, the developer is no longer supporting Jamit. It is advisable that you look for alternate software asap as your problems will just continue to get worse.

 on: July 16, 2014, 12:44:12 pm 
Started by denbec - Last post by denbec
Thanks for the suggestion.  I had prior disabled all plugins and was still getting the errors.  However I was able to "fix" the issue by changing this in the config.php file in the root directory :

if (defined('E_DEPRECATED')) {
   error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED);
} else {
   error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

To just this:


Warning - I believe this command disables all error checking on the page so it is always best to fix the root cause of the errors instead.  I'm not a programmer so I wasn't able to do so - yet.  Hopefully I can get the site fixed properly in the near future.  I'm a little concerned about continuing this job board since it seems the developer has abandoned Jamit   Shocked

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