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Title: Pay per Click
Post by: paulishere on October 11, 2009, 05:21:05 pm
Has anyone thought of using a pay-per-click business model rather than fixed fees? It seems to work for Google. I would use it for banners, resume views and job postings. I think it may be a good way to differentiate my site from everyone else. I do not think it would be a drastic change in the program but that comes from a person who has no training in how do to anything. I've been looking at Openx.com but I'm not sure how it fits. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on the business model as well as the technical challenge.


Title: Re: Pay per Click
Post by: dotmagic on October 11, 2009, 06:47:45 pm
Dear Paul,

Pay-per-click is s beautiful business model I have come across in many job boards and job search engines like careerjet. I would be the second person after you to welcome this type of model for pricing.

But not sure if Jamit would take steps to implement it or not in near feature. Coz it was by Adam in one of the threads, that credit based system is to be implemented in 4.0 version.

To my knowledge, Pay-per-click model need to work with fraud clicks detection and region targeted system apart from payment model setup.

I second your opinion to implement such model.

Thanks for bringing this business model in this forum.

Title: Re: Pay per Click
Post by: paulishere on October 11, 2009, 07:30:33 pm
Dear Dot,

Thank you for your valuable input. Based upon your concerns I did some Googling.

It appears that there are many companies that offer fraud click protection for free or a modest cost. Some I looked at are

click protector.com
click detective.com

I could not find anything on “region targeted systems” as a negative. I am not sure what you mean. I know on the front end there are means to target banners based upon the viewer but I doubt that is what you meant.

I really need to focus on a payment plan prior to launch. I would not want to go from a fixed price to a PPC in mid stream. I will spend a few weeks trying to learn Jamit’s code sufficiently to change it myself. Wish me luck.


Title: Re: Pay per Click
Post by: dotmagic on October 11, 2009, 08:13:48 pm
Region targeted system is something I feel is essential in Pay per click.

 For example, if an employer wants to hire some one based in Texas region and if the job ad were to be clicked a lot in LA or in some other part of the country or other parts of the world, the employer is bound to loose a lot of clicks. So if you are to have a region specific, you can even charge more for region wise clicks and less for clicks all over the country or other parts of the world. Purely depends on how advanced you like to have your system. When it come to building advanced system you can even have those posted restricted to only that region to click and view and so on, there is no end to keep going more and more advanced.

Anyhow, Good luck to the best business model you have choose to do.