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Title: PayPal Not Working
Post by: zorab on January 11, 2011, 09:48:06 am

I've been trying to enable paypal but whatever i am doing, adding, changing it wont go through.
Im having the Jamit Job Board v 3.6.8.
In the paypal account IPN is enabled. 'Auto Return' and 'Payment Data Transfer' are turned on. 'Block Non-encrypted Website Payment' it is Off. 'Identity Token' from PayPal account its copy-paste correctly.
In Price Admin a posting plan exist.
In Main Config. Premium Posts - Enable Billing? set to yes. Default Payment Method >>PayPal
I have Tcop as plugin and i noticed that its blocking the request from PayPal giving an 403 error when i want to Test Instant Payment Notification from paypal sandbox.
Disabling TCop its not the solution i tried already. Same story.
I dont know what else to do if you have a clue of what else can be done let me know please. As for now i've spend like 4 h on fixing it. Nothing. Maybe i am missing something and bcoz im a bit dizzy i cant see it.
P.S. fsockopen() its open


Title: Re: PayPal Not Working
Post by: zorab on January 11, 2011, 05:09:30 pm
well... i dont know what i did after several attempts but its working now.
The only thing i suspect is TCop that is blocking somehow paypal site from sending IPN requests.
I mean i have to manually confirm from admin each paypal payment that has been done.
With Tcop disabled works ok.
Someone is using Tcop along with paypal ?
There are some values that should be added into Tcop ?